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The purpose of this site is to help teens, parents, families, and friends who may have a loved one struggling with any type of eating disorder.  Our website is designed to help educate on the statistics and treatment options of teen eating disorders. Celebrities, models, and women are not the only ones who suffer from eating disorders, they affect males, athletes, and more. Articles include causes and warning signs associated with youth eating disorders; such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorders, overeating, and more. Our goal is to help adolescents who may be experiencing weight issues and eating disorders find therapy or treatment to overcome these behaviors.

Distorted Body Image
Many eating disorders start with children or teenagers having a distorted body image of themselves. This article defines body image, distorted body image,  and how it effects your self-esteem. Keep reading for tips on improving your body image.
Eating Disorder Association
An eating disorder association is an organization dedicated to the support of people with eating disorders, as well as the education about and prevention of eating disorders. This article explains more about the different eating disorder associations.
While orthorexia is not considered a clinical term, it is still a term that many use to describe a mental disorder akin to an eating disorder. Orthorexia occurs when a person takes healthy eating to an unhealthy level. Orthorexia is being given a closer look as the problem begins to grow.
Diet Pill Addiction
Many teenagers with eating disorders will use any means to lose weight including fad diets, laxative abuse, or taking diet pills. Appetitie suppressants can be very addictive and create a diet pill addiction. Keep reading to learn more about diet pill addiction and treatment.